• Easy to install
  • Solid latch system
  • Full-length handle
  • 8 colours available by special order ($)
  • Retaining brush keeps mesh in place
  • Standard sizes
  • High quality components
  • Easy installation on inward or outward opening door
  • Fits all door types


8 standard colours available by special order ($)

Points of Sale

  • BMR
  • Canac
  • Castle Building
  • Central Home Improvement
  • Coop
  • Federated Coop
  • ILDC
  • J&H Builders
  • Kent
  • Laferté
  • Laurent Lapointe
  • Mc Munn & Yates
  • Patrick Morin
  • Potvin & Bouchard
  • Réno-Dépôt
  • RONA
  • Sexton Group
  • Turkstra Lumber
  • Home Hardware

Frequently asked questions

What must I do before purchasing?

To make sure that the screen can be installed on your door, measure the internal height and width of your existing doorframe.

If my threshold is at the same level as the

Consult our installation manual or the installation video.

If my threshold is higher than the doorframe, how do I install the bottom track?

Consult our installation manual or the installation video.

How do I cut the bottom track?

You need to cut the bottom track at the casing end to match the measurement you take.

How do I cut the upper track?

You need to cut the upper track at the opposite end from the casing to match the measurement you take.

Can I leave the screen in place over winter?

You Certainly. Just wash the tracks with a damp cloth in the spring and as needed, spray with silicone.

If the mesh on my screen breaks, it is covered by the warranty?

No, the mesh is never covered by the warranty. But it is easy to replace. Look under the Manual menu for the mesh replacement manual. You can purchase a piece of mesh the same width and length as your existing mesh from your hardware store. Follow the installation instructions in the manual.

For the standard 79 1/4" (2013mm) casing (overall measurement) you’ll need to use a piece of mesh 78 15/32" (1993mm) long by 48" (1219mm) wide.


Our ongoing objective is to meet your expectations. Thus we are delighted to offer you a 3-year limited warranty on our Révélation screen.

This warranty is limited to the replacement only of screen components that are deemed to be defective, excluding the screen mesh, on condition that the screen was installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and has been used for the purposes for which this product was designed. Transportation and labour are not included in this warranty.

This warranty may not be modified by our representatives or through written documentation.