• Easy to install
  • No wheels
  • Fits 5’ or 6’ patio doors
  • Solid latch system
  • 8 colours available by special order ($)
  • Retaining brush keeps mesh in place
  • High-quality components


8 standard colours available by special order ($)

Points of Sale

  • BMR
  • Canac
  • Laferté
  • Patrick Morin
  • Réno-Dépôt
  • RONA
  • Home Hardware

Frequently asked questions

I can't get my frame onto the bottom track - what should I do?

It may be that your bottom track is different; take the guides off the frame and insert them directly on the track.

I'm having trouble with my handle - I don't have enough space to move it and it's hard to operate?

Simply give the central screw one reverse turn - this will give you some slack on the handle.

Can I leave the screen in place over winter?

Certainly - just clean the rails with a damp cloth in the spring, and spray with silicone when needed.

If the mesh on my screen is torn, is it under warranty?

No, the mesh is never under warranty, but it can be replaced easily. Take a look at the manual section and the video section for instructions on how to replace the mesh on a Novascreen patio door.


Our ongoing objective is to meet your expectations. Thus we are delighted to offer you a 3-year limited warranty on our Novascreen Patio Door screen.

This warranty is limited to the replacement only of screen components that are deemed to be defective, excluding the screen mesh, on condition that the screen was installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and has been used for the purposes for which this product was designed. Transportation and labour are not included in this warranty.

This warranty may not be modified by our representatives or through written documentation.